We have been in the Paving industry for over 40 years.

Tudor Pave Specializes in domestic, corporate as well as industrial paving and covers a major part of the Gauteng area.

Dear Homeowner,

Finally... A High Quality Paving Solution That Will Last You For Your Lifetime, and Longer!

Paving your home is an overwhelming experience and there are a million different things that you need to worry about. What type of paving brick to use? How much should this actually cost you? How it all works and which company to trust...

Its a problem that you may not have the time to solve. Either you have existing paving that is letting you down, or you need an area to be paved. 

The longer your current paving lets you down, you are at higher risk. - Your property is in fact DEPRECIATING!

People look at your driveway or yard and feel embarrassed for you.

We are a paving company that offers residential and commercial paving:

[ We do not sell bricks ]

Our Standard Paving Selection

Bevel Bond




Cottage Stone

Semi-Face Clay

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